NuFace Trinity ELE + Wrinkle Reducer Review ~ Eyelid Lift + Neck Wrinkles!

I’ve been testing the NuFace Trinity ELE + Wrinkle Reducer Attachments for 6 weeks to see how effective they are at reducing wrinkles and lifting the eyelids! 

I’ve been using the original NuFace Trinity (review) for almost a year and I LOVE it so I’m hoping for even more improvement with the attachments. The video includes demos of the attachments with Before & After pictures so you can see if they work!

I was pretty impressed with the results using the ELE on my eyelids — it definitely takes the “eyelid lift” effect to another level! And I’m happy with the improvement on my neck wrinkles since I can’t use Retin-A there. 

The results are temporary so they can only be maintained with continued use of the device and using all 3 attachments can be time-consuming so I don’t recommend it for people who won’t stick with it.

Hope you found the review and B/A pics helpful & informative! xo ~Angie

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